Apples are dropping and we are are grabbing them up! How many apples? How are they the same and different? What are the parts of an apple? What does an apple look like inside? How many seeds? What shape do you see in the apple? Is an apple a fruit or vegetable? How does an apple grow? What are some ways to use apples? What is your favorite type?

Next we dip our apple halves in paint then stamp, rub and slide them all over paper to make process creations. What happens if you core an apple, fill it halfway with baking soda, then add vinegar? Fizzy fun!

We are watching and observing chemical reactions of apple wedges in three different liquids: water, apple-cider vinegar, and club-soda. Why is the “water-apple” floating upside down? The vinegar-apple is turning brown!

Popular applesauce-making returns next week! Turning the spiraler/peeler is a favorite, and the smell of cooking apples fills our hallways with the smell of delicious autumn.